What can I do with my new Crucible?

There are a number of things you can do with your newly minted crucible, below are the most common things that you can do using crucible.wtf

Checking your rewards

  1. Open crucible.wtf connect your wallet and visit "Your Crucibles" tab.

Increasing your Subscription Stake

This example is based on Aludel v1.5. Other reward programs may use different types of tokens for subscribing.

  1. Follow steps 1 - 5 from Checking your Rewards

Checking balances of current subscriptions or token balances within your Crucible

  1. Open crucible.wtf, connect your wallet and visit "Your Crucibles" tab.

Transferring your Crucible to another wallet

You can transfer your Crucible to another wallet without affecting the tokens that are within it or the active subscriptions. Everything within the Crucible will be maintained.

  1. Open the "Your Crucibles" page

  2. The Crucible will now be on its way to its new wallet, use the links in the notifications to monitor the transaction.

Locating and Copying your Crucible Address

  1. Open the "Your Crucibles" page.

Viewing your Crucible artwork

You can now view your Crucible either on the Crucible website or on most NFT websites. Use the guides below:

Via Opensea.io

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. You can now see your Crucible artwork in the top left hand corner of the screen. Scroll down and you can also view your Crucibles Properties, mint number and mint date. You can also view links to view your Crucible contents on the Crucible website or EtherScan within the Description section.

Via Crucible.wtf

  1. Open crucible.wtf, connect your wallet and visit "Your Crucibles" tab.

  2. Click on the "View" Tab at the top of the section

If you own a Basic Crucible your Crucible will not have any artwork unless you upgrade it to a Pro Crucible This can be done by clicking the Upgrade button and paying a fee of 0.05 ETH.

If you own a Pro or Platinum Crucible, you will be able to view your Crucible's artwork and interact with it.

Interacting with your Crucible Artwork

Interacting with your Crucible is relatively straight forward and can be done from a computer or mobile device

Use the Viewing your Crucible Artwork section above to load your artwork

You can also interact with the Crucible directly, for example clicking on the 'Clock' element of your Crucible (learn more about Crucible Elements) will display the mint time and date for when your Crucible was created and also the Mint number.

There are other various interactions hidden in the Crucible scene waiting to be discovered.

Sharing your Crucible Contents and/or Artwork

Your Crucible is a work of art and it's only natural to want to share it to the world.

  1. Open the "Your Crucibles" page.

Share (Artwork Only) = Sharing artwork without disclosing your Crucible address or Crucible contents/subscriptions.

Share (Full Detail) = Sharing while disclosing the full token & balance contents, subscriptions, address and artwork of your Crucible. We recommend using the Artwork Only option when sharing your Crucible on public channels.

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