Services and Fees

Please find our complete list of fees and services available to Teams.

All services listed below are subject to criteria, to check if your project is eligible, please contact the Crucible team using the contact information available on the "Launching a reward program" page.

Featuring your Reward Program

If you want your reward program to be listed at the beginning of the Reward Program list and have the featured tag, please reach out to us.

The fee to be a featured program is 1 ETH per program, per month.

Reward Program Coin on Crucible Artwork

The reward program coin displayed on a users Crucible artwork is permament and holds historical participation data for the user even after they've left a program.

Only 1 coin is required per project and can be utilised across all reward programs launched by the project.

The cost of having your own Reward Program coin is 1 ETH per network/chain. The fee is one-off and the coin can be reutilised in the future.

Custom/Bespoke Branded Crucibles

The Crucible team are open to creating bespoke Crucibles for projects to be released as special edition batches. This service will require custom quotation and is entirely on demand.

Please reach out to us using the form above to start the discussion.

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